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Change Yourself First

“You must be tile change You want to see in the world.”

Today there are good worker, employees, leaders, entrepreneur”, managers but there is scarcity of good human beings. Only good humans can better the current situation in India.

We all sit at home and keep blaming everything, used to ‘for granted attitude’, very few of us dare to do their bit to improve situations to work for betterment of society. If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. It takes a lot of effort to change your habits but once you are determined and feel part of you is dedicated to your country then it becomes easier to recognize the areas where you can really contribute and lay example for others to follow.

We must be willing to work for the progress and upliftment of all, which then guarantees our own upliftment. We must be willing to change society, and that change starts within each and everyone of us.

Be Responsible Citizen

Law-Abiding: When you, we referred to as a “responsible citizen,” it often will mean that you are a law-abiding person. This means you follow all the rules and regulations set up by not only the state and federal governments, but the local city governments as well. Most individuals who are breaking laws will not be thought of as responsible citizens.

Environmentally Friendly: Being environmental friendly does not necessarily mean you protect every tree from being cut down, but it does mean you put out your recycling (if your town has recycling), and you don’t litter. Picking up after yourself not only helps make you a responsible citizen, but it helps keep the neighborhood clean as well.

Pay Taxes: It is important to pay your taxes each year. It may not be the most fun thing to do and can lead to headaches, but all responsible citizens must pay their dues back to the government. The taxes help pay for, among other things, the salaries of your local police and fire personnel, as well as your city plows and other important necessities. Without your tax money, and the tax money from other responsible citizens, individuals could lose their jobs because of the lack of funds.

“Your responsibility is equal toward family and Country”

Help The Poor

Every person does have a kind heart, but he does not know about the kindness that he can show to others unless he experiences a chance. Being young we must serve poor and aged people when we observe their miserable conditions. To do such social work we do not need much money rather there is need of dedication, heart and time to help needful people.

The first and very important step is to create awareness among your peer group. Do motivate your friends and relatives for this noble act. Make them realize the significance of basic necessities that how much these are important for anyone’s life. Creating a soft corner in others heart is a great job. It is like chain process in which everyone would motivate one another. So it is possible that at least forty to fifty percent of you r related people will help needy people.

Another important task is to search a deserving person of your alms or support fund. For that purpose you must look around your residence or you can also visit your nearest town where you are sure that poor and deserving people are living. Locating a true and deserving people is very essential because many a people are disguising for taking grants and sympathies of others. No matters if you are helping an undeserved person, because your intentions are sincere and so you and your nation will get reward of it.

“Helping poor seeks blessings”

Fight Corruption

All of us complain regarding the corrupt politicians, government officials, etc,. but we do not realize that we as citizens are the ones who dye corrupting them by bribes and other immaterial stuff, for some benefits for us and our family. It is a no brainier that Bribery or Corruption In India is at its rampant best.

There is not one section of the society that is spared from it. Corruption in the form of bribery takes the cake and given that it begins at the grass root level makes it even more difficult to monitor and control. Lack of awareness of our rights and time also causes most of us to succumb to this widespread evil. We have many public organizations and acts that punish and help to fight any form of bribery or corruption.

One such act is Right To Information (RTI) which helps us to avail any form of information. method or guidance through which we can get our work done. Everyone of us have to contribute their fair share, only thing that we must learn to say is “No! to bribes”. If this trend is continued this will make a world or a difference because we have Biggest power that is ‘Population’ and network. We can make a BIGGEST WIDESPREAD VOICE on this face of earth -INDIA. ,

“Fight corruption before it eats you and your country”

Say No To


Alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse costs society in billions from direct costs and losses in productivity related to crime, social welfare expenditures, motor vehicle crashes, and fire destruction.Drug and alcohol abuse is estimated to have cost more than 100 billion as non-health-related costs beside lives of people because of innumerable diseases and effect on family of the victim.

About 30 percent of crimes like robbery, burglary, kidnapping and larceny are committed in order to get money for drugs or similar addiction. Looking at this huge toll it is easy to conclude that if this evil is disposed it will leave far more powerful and happy nation. Its not easy to stop but When you decide to stop smoking or alcohol, stop it. Do it at once. Make a complete break. Destroy evidence of the habit, including cigarettes, cigars, ash trays, and lighters or bottles. If an urge comes upon you, eat a piece of candy or an apple. Most effective still is earnest prayer for divine help.

Tell God about your desire and your resolve. Once you yourself are done with this bad habit, next time whenever you take or see anyone taking alcohol or drugs, have courage and guts to say a firm- no, spread awareness about this form of poison for better world and society.

Litter Free India

Don’t throw waste anywhere except for the dustbins. Easier said than done. Its easy to follow when we are at home, because we want our home clean and neat; but otherwise we conveniently forget the same basic thing at public places. It troubles us to take 4 more steps to go to public dustbin, or to carry the waste with us until we find a dustbin/reach home.

We should not spare any of our time, energy or money to clean the places. Cleaning is of no use as every time we clean, new waste is added to the place. Instead we can try to avoid adding mess from our side. Can we carry a paper bag or some carry bag every time we are out and put all the waste in it and dispose it off once at the end when we are done with the bag to the dustbin at public place or the bin at our home. Does it not at least lessen the mess by 0.01%? If same is followed by many then objective is achieved.

Can we encourage people around us to do the same or ask them to put their part of waste in our waste bags. Does it take much of our time, energy, money? Lets try doing it once and you will feel proud of yourself for at least avoiding more mess/waste to cause a shame to our nation.

Learn To Forgive

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”.

Fighting evil with evil won’t help anyone. And as said you always choose wisely how to react to something. When you can incorporate such a thought habit more and more into your life the you can react in a way that is more useful to you and others. If there IS no hatred or violence or greed there would be no fights, no road rages, no crime thus no needless clashes or violent fights that sometimes even lead to deaths resulting in so many innocent families mourning the loss of their loved ones for the rest of their lives and there would be no need to spend billions on litigation courts or judicial systems. This money could be used to ensure other minimum standards for human life in our world.

The practice of forgiving and no to violence starts well with our own behavior toward any such position that might cause any anted righting. We must not lose our cool and stay calm to avoid unpleasant scene. This sets an example toward other people. It is this gift to our hopes that we must “plant the seeds’ in our own home to start, in our own workplace, and community and nurture our INDIA with love so that it grows and Some day together we m the harvest in a world that thinks of violence only as the last resort. not the only option, … or the best.

“Dispose Hatred”

Stop Woman Abuse

According to some studies, more than 16 million baby girls a year in India are killed. Female infanticide is still practiced in India, where there are 93 women to every 100 men, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, where the ratio is 94 to 100.

In almost every household in India woman is still treated unequal as compared to men. It can clearly be noticed that woman discrimination is one major difference between developed and developing nations. Girls are seen as nothing more than a drain on a family’s resources due to dowry system still practiced in India. Though we know, it is a sinful act, people demand dowry as if it is their right. In most cases, the responsible elders collect dowry and hand it to the groom’s family in public.

Each and every person must be ashamed of this crime which is against humanity. Dowry is the major reason for which woman is considered mere burden on the family, in spite of the fact that same woman plays major role in earning bread in developed nations. Dowry is the major obstacle in woman development and growth in India.

Both boys & girls should take oath in public and declare that they will not demand or give dowry Like a Cigarette or liquor warning, all the wedding invitation must carry a mandatory warning saying receiving and paying dowry is a criminal act. At least this message will touch the guilty consciousness of those who demand and receive dowry. This can take our India the long way toward real development.

Stop Child Abuse

The future of a community is in the well being of its children. The above fact is beautifully expressed by Wordsworth in his famous lines “Child is father of the man”. It is urgently required to save children from the murderous clutches of social injustice and educational deprivation, and ensure that they are given opportunities for healthy, normal and happy growth.

SAY NO TO CHILD LABOR: Child labor is a very complicated development issue, effecting human society all over the world. It is a matter of grave concern that children are not receiving the education and leisure which is important for their growing years, because they are sucked into commercial and laborious activities which is meant for people beyond their years.

CHILD MARRIAGE: Child marriage is a violation of human rights. We must enact and support firmly to end child marriage: a practice in which the parents of a child arrange a marriage with another child or an adult. In most cases young girls get married off to significantly older men when they are still children. Gender inequality is both a cause as well as a consequence of child marriage. Child brides usually have lower levels of education than girls who get married at an older age. Education is therefore seen as a way to prevent child marriages. Being educated and more responsible if we find or hear similar issue, we must strictly condemn it and take proper action against such inhuman activity. We must support the organizations that work against such big curse on society.

Health And Education For All

Education and health in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves and world. It improves the quality of their lives and leads to broad social benefits to individuals and society. Health raises people’s productivity and creativity and education promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances.

In addition it plays a very crucial role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution. We need to understand that we should not employ uneducated and rather we should persuade them to study. In our lifetime even if we achieve or get to educate one person then it is a great contribution to his/her family and society.

We must ensure cleanliness and healthy surroundings around our work areas. If each one of us practices such habits it leaves others to maintain the same thinking and attitude that further spreads the cause for better India.

Go Green

Every day we experience weather changes and world catastrophes caused by global warming, erosion, and other ecological changes the Earth has experienced over the past century. Complete rain forests have been destroyed, never to grow back. The planet is dying poisoned by all the toxic waste and pollution we have released upon it.

Going green is not a choice anymore, it is a responsibility. That is why it is so important to try and do the mall things that can help change the outlook of the planet. In fact, many of the things we can do, we actually already do! Just a little thing such as sorting our garbage into what can be recycled, or using less water, and generally consuming fewer resources does not require much effort on our part.

You can even make a case that using your car less may cause you to exercise more. There is no great sacrifice involved in going green at home, but it’s a numbers game, much can be accomplished if many of us join this effort. There are easy steps anyone can take to start going green. Recycling is one way to help, by placing plastic, metal, glass, and organic waste separated into different garbage bins.

Using the minimal amount of water necessary to shower, brush your teeth, and shave, avoiding the use of aerosol sprays, walking more and driving less, are all ways to go green. As awareness and respect for our planet Earth continues to grow, may we strive to do what we can to keep our home clean and our resources abundant for future generations.

Stop Caste-ism and Regionalism

Casteism and regional differences in India – which we can easily define as the restriction of people’s status in life to their caste or region of birth. As it continues, it furthers the fragmentation of Indian society. In fact, you could say that it has practically killed society and has brought about the numerous divisions and social quarrels that we now find in India. This is one of the main reasons why the country has been weakened to such a degree that they could not properly defend themselves in a unified way against other social evils. This difference helps to promote contempt and disapproval among the people of different classes and ethnic groups. The result of this has been social disharmony.

Today we have politicians who are ready to spread regional and linguistic venom just for grabbing power. Politicians just represent the minds of the people. They go with the pulse of the people and exploit it to their advantage and win elections. It’s high time that we stop and discourage discrimination on the basis of region or language.

We must learn to accept and respect people from other states and castes and support them to settle wherever they feel in our country- India.

We should all be ambassadors to spread social harmony. We should all be revolutionaries to break the materialistic social barriers between us.

We must be willing to work for the progress and upliftment of all, which then guarantees our own upliftment. We must be willing to change society, and that change starts within each and every-one of us.

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